Hygge’s Machine

Do you remember Tumnus’ home in Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, or the Beavers’ den?

Have you sat inside a warm, well-kept and rug-ed log house on an overcast, snowy winter day?

Have you read in a carpeted, quiet library with morning sun streaming onto your desk and your cup of tea or coffee?

Her name is hygge, the almost invisible glow or halo, or mist just behind these moments.

Some of the world’s avatars say with good there’s evil. With hard there’s soft. Persians saw light and dark. In ancient Greece, chaos and community.

With hygge, there’s feeling, but there’s also machine, even if it’s a simple one like a tea kettle, a garlic press, a cork screw.

Hissing, steaming; rich coffee smell; the turn of a page or the candle’s light.

PS Technical comments are welcome: mood, light, focus, dof, framing, cropping, music, nat sound, etc..

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