Recent Credits

In March of this year I shot footage for the reality tv show Beyond the Close. Episode 3 dropped, and includes four minutes of that footage.

See 17:08-21:00.

Love the quality of the audio, and they edited the video really nicely.

Rod Santomassimo, founder and President of The Massimo Group, hired me to capture him presenting to a group at a conference in Phoenix. All video (2 cameras) and audio in this clip I captured – the audio specialists on-hand were super helpful with sharing their sound board.

I’d love to get another chance to capture his presentation, in a studio, with lights and retakes.

Saiaf Abdallah hired me to photograph the grand opening of Voyage Medical in Tempe, Arizona. He chose this shot to create a nice introduction to his business on their Facebook page.


Faire Le Fete, of France, worked with me at Phoenix Fashion Week in April to capture folks enjoying their bubbly. The show itself was made for photos, and I got a lot – and Faire Le Fete liked them too!

I captured Prof. Jonathan Barth on video for Massolit, a UK based video lecture production company.

Camera, audio, lights

Beyond the Close is a reality show/competition between realtors across the country. They compete, while getting support and coaching from realty pros and performance gurus.

One of those gurus, Michael Bernoff works in Scottsdale, and I filmed him and the show’s host in Michael’s office building in March.

Cameras, audio, lights

My clip is at 37:06-37:15.
:28-30, :39, :46-47

My first professional shoot, by myself, I shot at VXI Global, a CSR provider for big companies. They have a big office complex in Tucson, and I shot for 11 hours in one day. The folks I worked with were extremely helpful, and we captured some great shots.

VXI posted a highlight reel of that shoot soon after. Since, they’ve used clips I shot in a number of newer media posts, including one celebrating their employees all around the world, and another to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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