cropped-phoenix.jpg Key Skills
Writer Video Producer Digital Photographer
Database Application Developer Technical Writer Author and Musician


Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication

Investigative journalism, long form and enterprise story writing, digital photography and videography

University of Montana – Missoula

Coursework and thesis, MA program, Philosophy

History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language

University of Texas – Austin

BS Secondary Education

Certified High school teacher, Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), English
phoenix-at-sunset_3747122546_o Work Experience



Arizona PBS science magazine Catalyst

Donald W. Reynolds Fellow, Carnegie Knight News21


Photographer and videographer, Hate In America national investigative journalism project


1978 – Present

Some of my first pictures I shot in Tehran, at the unfolding of the Islamic Revolution. Since then I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of photos: a free nursing clinic just south of the US-Mexican border, a rodeo in Montana, Manhattan from the Empire State Building, and heavy metal shows in Phoenix.

Writer – Modern Republic


Monthly op-ed on international news topics of interest

Software, IT


Software Support, Training, Implementation; Data, Member and Professional Services; Technical Management; Consulting

Publications & Presentations

Save the Phenomena

Since 2006

blog dedicated to inspecting, describing, and untying issues of epistemology, ontology, phenomenology, and spirituality

“Tolkien, Barfield and the Language of Original Participation: The Vagaries of Confusion and Savagery”

October 2010

Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association annual convention

Farsi Summer


Southern Cross Review, n. 59

Monthly Op-Ed


The Modern Republic (Modern Republic has no archive; see here for my copies)

Review of Romanticism Comes of Age and Speaker’s Meaning

Spring 2008

Rocky Mountain Review, Volume 62, Number 1


January 2008

Southern Cross Review, n. 57

Photo exhibits

Fall 2006

Missoula, MT

Review of Phenomenological Approaches to Popular Culture

Fall 2004

Rocky Mountain E-Review of Language and Literature, Volume 58, Number 2

“Inhabiting the World of the Author”

Fall 2003

Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association annual convention

Reviews of Tolkien’s Art: A Mythology for England, The Lord of the Rings: The Mythology of Power, Splintered Light: Logos and Language in Tolkien’s World

Spring 2003

Rocky Mountain E-Review of Language and Literature, Volume 57, Number 1

Review of Truth and Consequences: Intentions, Conventions, and the New Thematics,

Fall 2002

Rocky Mountain E-Review of Language and Literature, Volume 56, Number 2

Review of The Challenge of Coleridge: Ethics and Interpretation in Romanticism and Modern Philosophy

Spring 2002

Rocky Mountain E-Review of Language and Literature, Volume 56, Number 1

Published Philosophy and the Evolution of Consciousness: Owen Barfield’s Saving the Appearances


iUniversity Press



Philosophy Colloquium, U. of Montana

“Turns of Mind and Weather: Two Seasons in Missoula”


camas:an environmental journal

“Going Underground with Paul Feyerabend”


Pacific Division Meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science, University of Montana

“Medieval Women Mystics: Self Love Redeemed”


Intermountain Regional Meeting of Christian Philosophers, Brigham Young University